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Maria De Lourdes Sobrino "Lulu" came upon the idea of ready to eat gelatin when looking for the popular dessert, while living in the United States. A staple in her native Mexico, the concept was new and a novelty when she introduced it to American grocers.

Ms. Sobrino recognized a need, filled it, and revolutionized the food industry by creating the first ready- to-eat gelatin category, based on her mother’s recipe. From the initial production of 300 cup of gelatin a day, Lulu's Foods Inc® has overcome many challenges and obstacles to become a leading maker of ready-to-eat desserts.

In recent articles, Bill Hopkins of USA today, called Maria De Lourdes Sobrino "Lulu" "The queen of ready-to-eat gelatins and a force in the surging number of Hispanic Entrepreneurs" and Hal Lancaster of the Wall Street Journal recognized her as a successful marketer and innovator in "getting out and selling customers your dream". Ms. Sobrino's story of success is not that of a fairy tale, but of a determined, rebellious woman who embarked a personal quest for achievement over 30 years ago.

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