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    Criada en Mexico, estudiante en Texas, buscando un snack delicioso que me recordara mi ninez y a la vez sin azúcar, encontré: LULU'S FOODS GELATINAS en HEB/ Fue lo mejor que pude encontrar, deliciosas y sin azúcar me encanta!!! GRACIAS POR EXISTIR LULU'S FOODS

    Jocelyn De Luna

  • Leí un artículo de su historia en y no me quedó más que admirarla, me gustaría ser una empresaria como ella algún día. Sigan adelante. Saludos desde Chiapas. Nayeli Grisell Ramos Perez P.D. Se ven ricas sus gelatinas :P.

  • The LuLu's Dessert's story is an inspiring one for all young, female entrepreneurs! I first heard the LuLu's story on one of Univision's "Orgullo Latino" programs. Your rise to entrepreneurial success is truly a source of pride for all Latinos, as well as for young business people in general!
    Miriam Burgos
    Azusa Pacific University Teacher
    Azusa, CA

  • Lulu, thank you for caring about our homeless community and for the help you give our non-profit organization representing the Hispanic Community.
    Norma Apoian
    St. Joseph Center
    Venice Beach, CA

  • The Santa Ana Senior Center Staff will like to express our gratitude for your generous donation of gelatins for our Mother’s Day Luncheon. With you donation, we were able to serve gelatin to 130 seniors. Thank you once again.
    Dana Saucedo-Meza
    Center Leader, Santa Ana Senior Center
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Dear Lulu, it was a pleasure meeting you at the NAWBO Awards Banquet. Having heard your store at NAFE, I was equally inspired by your determination and belief in yourself. Within each of us is unlimited possibility if only we choose to use it. Thank you for sharing your story all the best,
    Lisa Marie Platske

  • Dear Ms. Sobrino, thank you for your generous monetary donation that you made to the Los Angeles County Education Foundation.
    Martha C. de la Torre
    President, Los Angeles County Education Foundation.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Dear Ms. Sobrino, I am very appreciative for the support you have shown for the work we do for the poor. The donations you have sent us are making a great deal of difference for the poorest of the poor. We pray that you continue to support our efforts with your generous donations that allow us to reach far more disadvantage families than we did in the previous 23 years. Thanks again for supporting the less fortunate through The Christian Food Center.
    Rober L McCobb Ph.D.,
    President, Christian Food Center
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Estimada Lourdes, la presente es con el objetivo de agradecerle el apoyo que nos proporciono para la realización de nuestro primer gran evento FERIA DEL DIA DEL NIÑO 2007 al cual asistieron más de 2 mil personas.
    Juan Godoy
    Presidente FEMEXIC
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Dear Lulu’s Dessert, I bought your products at Food 4 Less and I would like to tell you that my children love your Gelicious 4 oz.
    Thank you,
    Gabriela Garcia
    Austin, Texas

  • Dear Lulu’s Dessert, I would like to share with you that I bought some of your ring molds for a Christmas reunion at my work, and everyone was delighted with the gelatin. I love the flavors and the texture is just perfect.
    Vivian Ramirez
    Garden Grove, CA

  • Dear Ms. Sobrino, thank you for your contribution to our Annual Adelante Girls Conference. Through your efforts we were able to provide a wonderful day of inspiration and education for 190 girls from central Orange County.
    Thank you,
    Nellie Kaniski
    Co-chair, Adelante Conference
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Dear Ms. Sobrino, on behalf of the parents, staff, and children at Las Flores Elementary we’d like to thank you for your sponsoring and attending our community fair. The families had a wonderful time and everyone enjoyed it very much. Thank you for reaching out to the community and sharing your time in helping us provide an educative environment where families can also have fun.
    Socorro Melgarejo
    Community Service Worker, Las Flores Elementary School
    Bellflower, CA

  • We purchase your product all the time and love it, especially Caramel Flan.
    J. Semick
    Sacramento, CA

  • The other day I was driving on the Santa Ana freeway, and I saw one of your trucks. It reminded me that I had not written a note to you to say that I was delighted to be in the audience in one of your speeches.
    Edie Glass
    Vice President, CHARO Community Development Corp.
    Riverside, CA

  • I would like to compliment your Rice Pudding, my friends and I at the convalescent home love it.
    Thank you,
    Raquel Sanchez
    Buena Park, CA

  • I would like to share with you that my husband and I love your assorted gelatins. They are flavorful and affordable.
    Ruth Bancroft
    Las Vegas, NV

  • Estimada Maria, la parroquia de San Antonio Claret desea expresarle su más sincero agradecimiento por la donación de gelatinas que tan generosamente hizo para la celebración del 50 aniversario que se llevó a cabo el domingo 23 de octubre del 2005.
    Que Dios nuestro Señor bendiga su negocio y su trabajo.
    Muy atentamente,
    Rev. Rudolph J. Preciado, St Anthony Claret Catholic Church.
    Anaheim, CA

  • Dear Ms. Sobrino, thank you for taking your time off to come to talk to us at McFadden. It was very interesting and it made me think on what I want to be when I get older.
    Thank you,
    Jessica Magaña
    Student, McFadden Intermediate School
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Querida Sra. Sobrino, gracias por venir a la escuela McFadden. Me gusto su producto y gracias por tomar el tiempo de su horario. Es muy increíble que de empezar con un puesto chiquito ahora usted tenga una gran compañía.
    Eliana Gonzalez
    Estudiante, McFadden Intermediate School
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Querida Sra. Sobrino, gracias por haber venido a nuestra escuela McFadden Intermediate School. Me gusto mucho su gelatina y mi mamá compra su producto en la tienda Superior.
    Luis Villatoro
    Estudiante, McFadden Intermediate School
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Dear Maria, the students and staff of McFadden Intermediate School would like to extend a sincere thank you for your participation in our 11th Annual Career Day.
    Best regards,
    Esther Severy
    Principal, McFadden Intermediate School
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Dear Ms. Maria de Lourdes Sobrino, first of all I would like to thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to come and visit us to come and visit us. I think your words are very inspiring. I really appreciate it. You are very strong women, and I understand that you went through a lot and yet you still have the will to carry on.
    Amy Nguyen
    Student, McFadden Intermediate
    Santa Ana, CA

  • Me siento muy honrada y orgullosa de saber de una mujer triunfadora como usted.
    Carmen Torres
    Zacatecas, Mexico

  • Dear Maria, recently I had the privilege of hearing about your amazing success Story and it has been quite inspirational to me. I have gone back to school and hope to soon open my own business, even thought it won’t deal with delicious gelatin desserts like yours; I hope that my products will be able to sell.
    Thank you,
    Carolina Martinez
    Fullerton, CA

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